Bird Proofing

Free advice & surveys given on netting, post & wire systems, spike systems and general proofing.

Urban birds live in close proximity to humans. They can transmit disease and damage buildings.
Failure to adopt pro-active bird control or proofing measures can have serious consequences through non-compliance with Health & Safety legislation - as many have found to their cost.

Pigeon overpopulation can lead to increased property damage and higher disease rates among pigeons. Accumulated bird debris may attract mice and rats, which provide additional pest control and public health concerns and flies are attracted to the odors produced by droppings, feathers and nesting materials.

Pigeon droppings are as much a concern as the pigeons themselves. On average, a well-fed pigeon deposits 25 pounds of droppings a year. Pigeon feces are unsightly and can damage buildings, vehicles, trees, shrubs, lawns, benches and park fountains.

Two common methods of control and detearants that Pestlogic carry out

Pigeon spikes:
Bird spikes are the devices designed to keep birds from perching on the edges, parapets, pipes, beams, cutouts and ledges of building structures. They are easy to install and are available in different shapes and sizes. Pigeon spikes are one of the most effective tools used as a pigeon control measure. They are usually made from metals such as tin, alloy, aluminium, or clear acrylic composite plastics.

Bird nets:
Bird net can be used as an effective pigeon control tool. Nets are generally useful in covering large areas having a proper infrastructure to secure thenets with hooks and screws. They are ideal for areas such as patio covers, rooftops, canopies and courtyards. A properly installed net can act as an impenetrable barrier against pigeons. The major disadvantage of pigeon nets is that they are costlier than bird spikes and are more labour intensive to install.

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Free advice and surveys given on netting, post and wire systems, spike systems and general proofing services.
The removal of guano deposits will be carried out as part of all proofing installations.
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Mrs. Bryant from Bournemouth
Im allergic to wasp stings so when I found a wasp nest in our rear garden I was very concerned. I phoned Pestlogic and they attended that same day.
Mr. Lane from Ferndown
I would highly recommend this company to anyone. We had rats living in our loft and they were chewing through cables.
Mr & Mrs Beardwood from Verwood
We found mice living in our garage and they were chewing all our things. We contacted Pestlogic and they sorted the problem out for us.
Mrs. Priest from Poole
We contacted a few Pest control companies to get rid of our cluster flies. Pestlogic were able to come that day and they quoted the least amount.
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